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UFX Indicators

  • UFX Indicator Package Only $25/Month
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    ***MOST POPULAR*** UFX Trend Report

    The UFX Trend Report provides an Entry, SL, and 3 Targets which are 1:1. 1:2 and 1:3 Risk:Reward. This indicator also shows which way the market is most likley to go by following market sentiment using candle pressure.

  • ***NEW*** UFX Arrows Strategy

    The UFX Arrows Strategy is great strategy focusing on REWARD:RISK & MONEY MANAGMENT.
    This Strategy can be used on 1H signals with 5min entries or 4hour/Daily signals with 15min entries.
    Any instrument can be traded.

  • ***NEW*** UFX Tradingview Indicator

    The UFX Tradingview Indicator gives High Probability Buy & Sell Locations. Standalone product includes:
    - UFX OB OS Indicator - UXF OB OS Alert
    - How to setup Tradingview Scanner & Strategy Videos

  • ***NEW*** UFX 1 Hit Wunder Strategy

    The UFX 1 Hit Wunder Strategy is Great for those that work a full time job as the strategy is shown using the Daily chart.
    This Strategy can be used on any timeframe however you need to consider the spread.

  • UFX Swing Trading - Trade Copier

    The UFX Swing Trading - Trade Copier will do just that copy all swing trades I take within my account. Fully Verified with MyFXBook

    View All Account Statistics & Sign up Using the Following Link: Click Here to View Statistics

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    Boring Candle Indicator

    The Boring Candle Indicator will paint the candles Blue. These candles are a good indication that the market is either choppy or in a pause state where neither Buyers or Sellers have control.

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    Explosive Candle Indicator

    The Explosive Candle Indicator will paint the candle Black when the candle has had a big move to the upside or downside.

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    Currency Strength Indicator

    The Currency Strength Indicator shows which currencies are strong and weak in relation to each other.

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    UFX SuperTrend Indicator

    The SuperTrend Indicator is Calculated using the ATR (Average True Range) and the ATR Multiplier.

    Credit for this Indicator being built goes to:
    Sang Hoon Lee.

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    UFX SuperTrend Candles

    This is a Basic Indicator which will color the candles Green when price is above the SuperTrend Indicator and will color the candles Red when below the SuperTrend Indicator.

    Credit for this Indicator being built goes to:
    Sang Hoon Lee.

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    UFX MACD Indicator

    The MACD Indicator is my version of the original MACD(Moving Average Convergence Divergence).
    MACD is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of a instruments price.

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    UFX 7 Chart Templates

    You get 4 Chart Templates which include the following:
    - UFX_Arrows_Strategy_Template
    - UFX_1HitWundar_Strategy_Template
    - UFX_Trend_Scalper_Plain_Template
    - UFX_Scalping_Template
    - UFX_HigherTimeFrame_SuperTrend_Template
    - UFX_LowerTimeFrame_SuperTrend_Template
    - UFX_YouTube_Live_Template

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    UFX Trailing EA

    The UFX Trailing EA will Trail your Buy or Sell position as shown in the Picture. This allows you to go about your business and not have to watch every move the market is doing. This is a great tool depending on the time frames you are trading.

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    UFX Indicator Package Only $25/Month